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The 2nd International Conference "Smart Data, Smart Cities" will be hold in Puebla, Mexico, next October, organized by UDMS in connection with ISPRS and Tec de Monterrey. The Chief Science Officer of our company, Thomas Hatzichristos is in the Conference Scientific Committee.

See Call for Papers for all the details. The papers should be dealing with IT aspects for smart cities and especially:

Smart data

  • sensor network databases
  • on-the-fly data mining
  • geographic and urban knowledge modeling and engineering
  • green computing
  • urban data analytics and big data
  • big databases and data management (noSQL)

Smart people

  • volunteered information
  • systems for public participation

Smart city

  • system of territorial intelligence
  • systems for intelligent management (building, transportation, energy, etc.)
  • 3D modeling of cities
  • internet of things
  • social Networks
  • mobility and transport
  • urban dashboard design and implementation
  • new style of urban decision-making systems
  • geovisualization devoted to urban problems
  • disaster management systems.